Green Building

Sustainable and eco-friendly travel is gaining importance as travellers become more selective in their hotel choices.
LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is the most widely used green building rating system globally, providing a framework for highly efficient, sustainable and cost-saving green buildings. It is a trusted system that more hotels worldwide are seeking to reflect their sustainability ethos.
In this context, the newly opened Address Istanbul is seeking LEED Gold Certification through substantial eco-friendly and green initiatives that would ensure environmental sustainability and guest wellbeing.
Carbon emissions are reduced with underground car parks, electric vehicle charging stations and preferred parking spaces reserved for low-emitted vehicles. Guests are also encouraged to use public transportation with bus stops within walking distance of the hotel.  Efficient water flow and flush fixtures across the hotel save 20% of indoor water consumption, and 50% of the landscape irrigation is reduced using local and adapted plants that consume less water in landscape design. The energy-efficient facade, mechanical equipment, and lighting fixtures ensure 20% energy saving. 
At the Address Istanbul, recyclable wastes are collected separately and sent for recycling. Recycled content and regional materials were widely used even during the hotel’s construction, with more than 75% of the waste created recycled. 
Address Istanbul was also designed with mechanical ventilation and standardised fresh air and temperature set values throughout the building. Additionally, internationally compliant indoor construction chemicals were used to optimise indoor air quality and occupant comfort.