Exceptionally Memorable Events


Make An Impression

  • Technologically advanced meeting rooms
  • Conference facilities
  • Modern aesthetics

Where Love Happens

  • Intimate beach weddings
  • Customised menus
  • Highly trained wedding planners

Where Success Happens

  • Trainings and workshops
  • Product launches  
  • Privatised events

Personalised Catering

Find a Venue

The Gallery-1

Whether it’s your business needs or a special occasion, this is the perfect place for corporate, intimate or private events and can accommodate up to 130 people. This meeting space of 210 sqm accompanied with its distinct catering specialty of tailored menus fulfills your wishes and creates an exceptionally unique event designed for you.

  • Size 210 sqm
  • Tailor-made menu
  • Accomodates up to 130 people

The Gallery-2

Elevate your corporate events in this incredible space with extraordinary catering services and uniquely crafted experiences. This well-designed 226 sqm meeting room can accommodate up to 52 people and certainly meets the grand touch you expect in creating any event you envision.

  • Size 226 sqm
  • Elegant meeting space
  • Accomodates up to 160 people

The Academy

Interconnecting all four meeting spaces, this breakout space brilliantly presents solutions to all your needs conveniently. Its massive operating area and serving spaces allow plenty of options to mingle and nibble during breaks.

  • Size 197.5 sqm
  • Professional team of planners
  • Accomodates up to 9 people