Indulge in World-Class Amenities

Whether taking a dip in one of the three luxurious pools or relaxing at The Spa while the kids are at The Qix Club, our world-class amenities will delight and have you wanting more.


The Spa

Providing wellness journeys that ignite the senses and revitalise the body and mind, The Spa is a sanctuary to escape to, as natural elements surround you and support this relaxing space. Featuring five treatments rooms, The Spa offers the very best in therapies, all under the care of highly skilled Balinese therapists.

Three Sparkling Pools

Whether wading in the cool azure waters of the infinity pool at over 600sqm, or taking refuge at the shimmering waters of the large sun-soaked pool below 21 private cabanas, or diving into the exquisite Breakthrough Pool located in the middle of the sea, your options to find your ideal spot in the sunshine are endless.

Qix Club

Designed to educate and entertain, the Qix Club for 4- to 12-year-olds is complimentary for in-house guests. A colourful and engaging space with a fun nautical theme captures enquiring minds and encourages exploration and imagination. Parents will feel confident leaving their kids in the hands of our well-trained staff.

Day-use Cabanas

Alongside the hotel and overlooking the marina guests can experience the ultimatein luxury at another large sun-soaked pool. Located over the magnificent pool are 21 air-conditioned, private cabanas, available for day-use. With views of the mega yachts and sea beyond, guests can order their meals, cocktails or just take time to relax in oneof these stylish abodes.