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Lebanese & Brazilian Fusion

  • Smart Casual
Li’Brasil is a culinary gem that masterfully merges Lebanese and Brazilian cuisines, offering a remarkable dining experience. With its vibrant indoor space, inviting outdoor terrace, and the exclusive The Secret Bar, this restaurant provides a year-round destination for gastronomic delights. Embodying the warmth of Lebanese hospitality and the vivacity of Brazilian spirit, Li’Brasil creates an unparalleled atmosphere, where the menu artfully blends these two rich traditions to deliver an explosion of exotic flavours that will enchant your taste buds with every mouthwatering bite.

Kids Policy:
Kids between 0-12 years old are welcome daliy from 5.00 pm to 9.00 pm in the smoking-free zone only.

Our Story:
The name “Li’Brasil” refers to the largest community of Lebanese immigrants and expatriates worldwide, residing in Brazil. In Lebanon, these individuals speak Portuguese and have incorporated Brazilian traditions into their daily lives, including aspects of food, music, architecture, and agriculture. This rich blend of cultures manifests in vibrant colors, lively music, and a joyful zest for life—marked by a culture that is consistently cheerful, social, and musical.

The menu takes its inspiration from the traditional Lebanese sharing food style with an exotic Brazilian twist. Celebrating the love of life, Li’Brasil is a true reflection of the vibrancy, playfulness, and sophistication of the two cultures that have come together to form this unique “third” culture – Brazil and Lebanon.
  • Opening Hours
    Dinner A La Carte: Daily, 5.00 pm – 2.00 am (last food order is at 11.30 pm, last beverage order is at 01:30 am) | Hubbly Bubbly Service: 7.30 pm – 1.30 am in the designated outdoor area

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